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Class 1H

Welcome to Class 1H

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter 1
Happy Easter 2
Happy Easter 3
Happy Easter 4
Happy Easter 5
Happy Easter 6
Happy Easter 7
Happy Easter 8
Happy Easter 9
Happy Easter 10
Happy Easter 11
Happy Easter 12

Here is 1H's timetable - see what we are up to!

In class 1H Mrs Hall is our teacher and Mrs Price is our Teaching Assistant. There are 20 children in the class 10 boys and 10 girls. 


These are 1H's rules:

  1. We always sit smartly with our legs crossed.
  2. We always have kind hands and words.
  3. We are always kind to each other and share.
  4. We remember to put lids on pens and glue sticks.
  5. We tiptoe on the stairs.
  6. We keep our classroom tidy.


On Fridays we have Golden Time. We earn this throughout the week. For Golden Time we like to:

  • Go to the park.
  • Ice biscuits.
  • Watch a film with popcorn.
  • Play with the parachute.
  • Have an extra long playtime.
  • Get the PE equipment out.

We vote each week for what we would like to do on Friday.

Our topics for Year 1 are: 

  • Autumn 1: My Life
  • Autumn 2: Fire
  • Spring 1: Heroes
  • Spring 2: Traditional Tales
  • Summer 1: Habitats
  • Summer 2: India

1H have completed superhero boot camp and are now fully fledged superheroes ready to save the day!

Attendance figures for this week 2-6 July 2018 95.6%. Almost at our target of atleast 96%