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Stanhope Primary School


Class 1H

Welcome to Class 1H

Here is our timetable to see what we are up to everyday!

Our Year 1 topics:

Autumn 1 - Explorers

Autumn 2 -  Materials

Spring 1 - Mythical Creatures

Spring 2 - Animals

Summer 1 - Plants

Summer 2 - Nottingham

The children in 1H  came up with our class charter and promise to:

  • Always have kind and careful hands and feet.
  • Always have kinds words and tell the truth!
  • Always be helpful.
  • Hold our hands out if we have something to share – we don’t shout out!
  • Listen with our whole body and ignore anyone doing the wrong thing!
  • Keep our classroom tidy - choose it, use it and put it away!
  • Always sit smartly.
  • Aways do our best!
Week 1 Spring term Attendance across school 95.4% - we're aiming for 96.1% - together we can achieve it!