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Class 2M

Welcome to Class 2M!


There are 26 amazing children in our class! Our class teacher is Mrs Martt and our super teaching assistants are Mrs Powdrill, Mrs Connelly and Mrs D'Hooge who help us over the week. On Wednesday morning we have PSHE & music with Ms Gill and PE with Mr Woolley.  



Autumn 1 - welcome back to Stanhope!


I hope you've all had a fantastic summer holiday and it's so lovely to see you back at Stanhope looking smart and ready to learn. We'll have a fantastic time in Year 2 and learn lots of fantastic things! 


Our topic this half term is Explorers so we'll be discovering different places we can explore: like America, Australia and even space! We will be visiting the National Space Centre.

In English we'll be practicing our writing skills by writing different types of sentences, biographies and stories. In maths we are practicing place value, addition and subtraction. 

We are also starting to learn our times tables, so please practise at home.

Spring 2019

Happy New Year!

Our topic this half term is Mythical Creatures.

Our big question is “What’s inside the egg?

Our learning challenges are: 

LC1-3 What do imaginary creatures eat? Where do they live? What do they look like? How they have young?

LC4-What birds visit our school? Which animals lay eggs? What other mythical creatures are there?

LC5- What monsters can we invent?

LC6 What is Chinese New year?

We will be Text Detectives for reading comprehensions and writing non-chronological reports in English. Learning about multiplication, division, measurement and practising our times tables in maths. By the end of Year 2 the children should know X and ÷ facts for the 2X, 3X, 5X and 10X tables. Please practise these at home along with any spellings sent home.

It would also be a great help if you could involve your children in any measuring activities like cooking to give them real life experience with using Kg/g, Litres/millilitres and mm/cm/m/Km. Also, telling the time with your children both on analogue and digital clocks to the nearest 5 minutes and letting them handle money, paying for things and working out change.

Future Topics


Spring 2 Animals -Why are humans not like chickens?


Summer 1 Plants – How can we grow our own salad?


Summer 2 Nottingham- Where would you take somebody out for a

                                    day in Nottingham?

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Well done to the Stanhope artists who attended the unveiling of their mosaic at Gedling Country Park on Friday - what super stars you all are!