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Class 2M

Welcome to Class 2M


There are 21 Year 2 children in our class, 14 boys and 7 girls. Our teacher is Mrs Martt, Mrs Powdrill helps us every morning and Mrs Connelly one afternoon a week.


Our first topic for the Autumn Term is:


My Life

 Big Question-

How does 5 a day keep me healthy?




Our learning challenges are:


LC1- How have I changed and how will I change?(naming parts of my body)

LC2-Why is it important for me to grow?(growth mindset, healthy eating, )

LC3- Where does a crumble come from?

LC4-What is my sports X factor?

LC5-How have things changed in my lifetime/my parents lifetime/my grandparents lifetime?

LC6-What do I think will happen in the future?


We will also be looking at Autumn.


Our Autumn 2 topic is Fire and the Big Question is:

Is fire good or bad?

Our learning challenges are:

LC1   Why do we celebrate firework night?

LC2   How do firefighters do their job?

LC3   What happened in 1666?

LC4   How was life different in 1666?

LC5   When is fire useful?



We have PE on Wednesdays but our named PE kits, including plimsolls or trainers, should be in school all of the time in case of timetable changes.


We have a daily maths, phonics and literacy lesson during the morning and afternoons usually incorporate handwriting, guided reading, topic, PE, art and D&T lessons.


It is really important for us to read at home as often as possible, as this practice helps us to achieve more and access the curriculum more successfully. The children have all been given a reading book and record to take home.  Please spend 10-20 minutes every day helping your child practise their reading.  The children will have their reading record checked every morning and will move round our ‘Reading Track’ for every night/morning they read at home. There will be a prize every time they reach a multiple of ten. Thank you for your help-although we endeavour to hear the children read regularly, it really helps them to practise.

Also practising Times tables, division facts, telling the time and Number bonds would be really helpful as well as any spellings they bring home.



Thank you.








Class 2M Charter



  • We play nicely together.

  • We keep our hands, feet and unhelpful comments to ourselves.

  • We tell an adult if someone is doing something we don’t like.

  • We do as we’re asked first time, every time.

  • We put up our hands and wait to be asked

                     before speaking.

  • We listen carefully to the person talking

                  and do not interrupt.

  • We work and whisper.

  • We use Brain Board Buddy Boss if we’re stuck.

  • We walk calmly and sensibly around school.

  • We use our manners.

  • We all help to tidy the classroom.

  • We put lids on pens and glue sticks.

  • We respect the school’s and each other’s property.

  • We smile every day.


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Week 1 Spring term Attendance across school 95.4% - we're aiming for 96.1% - together we can achieve it!