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Hello and welcome to 4OG!


Here you will find useful documents, key dates for the class diary and photos of what we have been learning in 4OG!


Our topic for the half term is 'Healthy Me'. We will be learning about food groups and nutrition, how to stay healthy and working on our fitness. We also have a focus on religious education again this half term, looking at the main religions and learning about . We try to link our the journey of life. We try to link Maths and English to the topic work and to the interests of the children as much as we can to keep things fun. So far we have tried some new foods from different food groups, planned our own PE lessons and thought about how our bodies feel when we exercise and when we are calm.


After the half term break, the new topic will be Anglo-Saxons and Miss Townsend will be joining the team as maternity cover for Ms O'Grady. Welcome! There will be an up to date newsletter sent home shortly after the holiday with a more detailed introduction and any more information you will need. You will also get the chance to meet the new class teacher as part of our parents evenings (the first week after the holiday).


Please keep checking our page as we will keep updating with things you need to know and posting photos of our lovely work. As always, if you have any questions or would like to pop in for a chat or a look around our classroom, please feel free to come in after school. 


Links to games:

'The Tunnel'- Our fabulous writing display in the library!

'The Tunnel'- Our fabulous writing display in the library! 1

Creative Homework - Healthy Me - Spring 2019


Thank you for all of you that made the effort to take part in this half terms creative homework - we had a record number of entries! Here are some photos from the entries. Well done 4OG!


Ms O'Grady and Sharon x

Creative Homework - 'Healthy Me'

Food Tasting - Tuesday 29th January 2019

In 4OG, we are trying to increase how many children have a go at creative homework , so we have come up with a list of ideas to get you started.

Our topic is .'Healthy Me'.

You can of course use your own idea if you have one!

Ideas for 'Healthy Me' Creative Homework:

Ÿ Plan a healthy menu

Ÿ Information about nutrition or fitness

Ÿ Acrostic poetry

Ÿ A PowerPoint presentation

Ÿ Make your own fitness video/ workout

Ÿ Write a report

Ÿ Dress up in a costume

Ÿ Find out about jobs linked to health and fitness

School Library

School Library


We have started using the school library to choose books to read. We have talked about choosing books we are interested in that are not too hard but also not too easy! Over the year, we will become more and more independent, visiting the school library when we need to and writing down which books we have borrowed.

Don't forget - you don't have to wait until our next visit to Wollaton Avenue - You can return books anytime and we can send them with another class. 

Class Calendar


Monday -        The children vote for their Golden Time activity on a Monday.


Tuesday -        This is our PE day.

                        We visit the library on Wollaton Avenue (when it is our turn).

                        Our next visit is on......


Wednesday -   Please hand in homework to be marked.


Thursday -      


Friday -           This is when we have Golden Time

                        (a reward for following the Stanhope Five Fundamentals).

                        We return marked homework on a Friday (if it was handed in on time).

Well done to the Stanhope Year 6 team for their outstanding effort and hard work during SATS- what super stars you all are!