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Hello and welcome to 5R’s class page!


In our class team we have 11 girls and 12 boys. In Class 5R we are focused on becoming the best learners that we can be – confident, hardworking, resilient, enthusiastic and working well as a team!


The adults that help us are – Miss Robyn, who is our class teacher. Miss Ruth, who is our class Teaching Assistant and Emma, who teaches us Art & DT on a Wednesday afternoon.


In 5R we believe in following the five fundamentals to create the best environment for our learning. We believe in having a positive attitude and thinking with a growth mindset.


We have two pieces of homework that is set every week – our spelling and times tables practice. This is due in on a Wednesday when we have our spelling check.


We hope you enjoy our class page and getting to see some of the fab learning we are doing in 5R!




The First Half Term in 5R!

Our first half term in 5R has been amazing! It has been filled with friendship, laughter and learning.

In English we have focused on writing a Viking setting description and an effective set of instructions on How To Train Your Dragon. In reading we have been using our Comprehension Dog Gang to help us become resilient and better readers, this half term we have used Retrieval Rex the most because our text has been non-fiction.

In Maths we have been learning everything from Roman Numerals to mental addition and subtraction. We have challenged ourselves when we have been learning how to solve multi step word problems. At first we struggled but we have been resourceful and have used RUCSAC to help us.


Our topic this half term has been Vicious Vikings where we have been learning about how they invaded Britain, how they travelled, where they lived and about their Pagan beliefs.


“I now find practicing spellings more useful because we practice less spellings but we have to look up what they mean and put them in a sentence” Chloe B


“Doing mixed speed grids and practicing my times tables for homework has helped me learn my 11 and 12s off by heart!” Mati


“This half term I have worked on improving my vocabulary to make my descriptive writing more effective” Chloe J


“ I have improved on being able to create an effective set of instructions because I have used the pupil prompts and planning sheets to help” Maisie


“Doing an independent write showed me that I have improved my writing” Daniel


“ I have enjoyed meeting new people in my class and learning about the Viking, which has made me interested in History” Evie


“I have enjoyed learning RE this half term because I now see how religion is important to others and makes them special” Harlem



A Note About Reading.


At Stanhope, we recognise that reading is a vital skill that children need in life. Not only does reading have a significant impact on a child’s academic success but also impacts every part of their adult lives.


Reading is a huge focus for us in 5R and we are constantly promoting a love of reading in class. It is my aim, to encourage every child in my class to love reading and to see the power that reading has.


In class we have two weekly whole class guided reading sessions and one group guided reading session. We also have two sessions of independent reading a day, as well as one to one reading sessions with an adult.


As you can see, reading is a main priority within class and I encourage you to continue this promotion of reading at home as it really does benefit each and every child. It is expected that children should be reading a minimum of 3 times a week. This should be recorded on their reading bookmark, which they can then earn prizes for in class. The more a child reads, the bigger the prize!


Talking to your child about reading is a fantastic way to not only engage them with reading but to practice the comprehension skills we are working on in class. I have attached a prompt sheet of questions that help to practice a child’s reading comprehension skills at home.


If you have any questions or need any resources / advice please do not hesitate to get in touch.


   Miss Robyn.



Meet and Greet - Powerpoint

Autumn 1 Newsletter

This is the assessment criteria for Year 5 and this is what is used to both assess children and guide our learning throughout the year.

Well done to the Stanhope artists who attended the unveiling of their mosaic at Gedling Country Park on Friday - what super stars you all are!