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 Welcome to class 5R!

Here in Class 5R, we are great learners- confident, hardworking, resilient, enthusiastic and work as a team.

In our class, there are 20 members of our team- 11 girls and 9 boys!

Our class teacher is Miss Robyn and our teaching assistant is Miss Ruth. We are also taught by Miss Mitchell on a Monday afternoon and Sharon on a Thursday afternoon.

Every day we do Maths and English, we are working hard to improve our Maths and English skills!


We have two pieces of homework every week- our spellings and either a Maths skills sheet. They are due in every Wednesday, when we have our spelling check.


In class 5R we believe in following the five fundamentals to create the best environment for our learning. We believe in having a positive attitude and thinking with a growth mindset.

A huge thank you to everyone who took the time to bring in their beloved pets and share them with us as part of our topic this half term! We have loved learning all about your furry friends!

This week we have been super busy from taking a visit to the library, creating some fantastic art work and having fun learning how to multiply fractions!

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In 5R we had some lovely Year 4's join us and they showed us their favourite thing to do - Just Dance! All our class had the best time!

In Class 5 as part of our Animals and Habitats topic, we have been building our own garden to help create a sustainable habitat for the wildlife in our school. We are so impressed with how our plants are growing!!

Half Term Roundup


We have had another busy and exciting half term in Class 5R filled with new learning and being creative. Here are our top achievements from this half term –


I am proud that we came second in the athletics competition. My favourite race was the obstacle race – Abi N

I am proud that I can know do the bus stop method for division – Zack

I am proud that I can know order fractions – Louie

I am proud that my handwriting is beginning to improve and I am now making sure all my ascenders and descenders are correct – Taylor

I am proud that I can know subtract fractions with different denominators – Lee

I have been joining my handwriting and I can see how it has improved – Abbie R

I am proud of my creative homework because this was the first time I had used a powerpoint – Katie

I have learnt how to edit videos using a new software – Joel

I am now answering in full sentences and using more quotes as evidence in my reading comprehension work – Gracie

I am proud of my Maths Assessment – Phoebe

I am proud of my Maths Assessment – Tom

I am proud that I am staying in class more to take part in work - Harvey

I am proud that I am improving my Roman Numerals - Megan

I am proud that I have been working hard to improve my spelling - Gary

I have really enjoyed learning lots of new words in French – Kian


We were so excited by the snow that for our English lesson we wrote different types of sentences - all about the snow! 


We went outside to see what the snow looked and felt like to think of some super adjectives for us to use in our writing. Here are our favourites - 


The snow was white. - Zack's simple sentence 


The snow was as fluffy as a polar bear. - Megan's simile 


The snow was as crunchy as a dead leaf. - Abbie R's simile 


The soft, glittering and wet snow. - Abi N's list of adjectives 


The snow is as magical as Christmas morning. - Beau's simile 


The magical, white and crunchy snow. - Ruby B's list of adjectives 


Although it was cold, Abi went outside. - Phoebe's sentence with a main and subordinate clause. 


 The snow, which was settling, rushed down from the sky. - Gracie's relative clause. 


The snow, which was cold, fell from the cloudy sky stopped Layla from going outside. - Katie's relative clause. 


This week in Class 5R we saw if we had what it took to be an astronaut with some space training! We learnt all about space suits, our core strength, reaction time and sampled some space food! All that astronaut training left us exhausted!

OUR TRIP TO THE SPACE CENTRE! We had the best time learning about space at The National Space Centre - we loved exploring and learning all about our planet... and beyond!

Our Stunning Moments w.c 09.10


“My group and I made a Viking boat in DT with Sharon this week” Zack

“My favourite part of the week was when we wrote an emotive letter” Phoebe

“I liked learning how to do column subtraction” Megan

“I liked PE this week where we learnt different types of balances” Abi N

“When my group and I did balancing in PE” Harvey

“When we learnt about Divwali such as, the story of Rama and Sita” Ruby B

“My favourite part of the week is Push It Friday because we learn about coding and I can practice my spellings” Gary

“My favourite part of the week was doing French with Miss Mitchell because we tried French sweets” Gracie

Our Stunning Moments w.c 02.10


“I learnt Roman Numerals up to 1000 (M) this week” Zack W


“I liked the lesson with Sharon where we cooked Salsa and tasted traditional Mayan food” Gracie


“I like the PSHE lessons because I like learning about my emotions” Ruby B


“I liked having both Miss. Robyn and Miss. Ruth as my class teacher this week” Harvey


“I liked the RE lesson because we learnt the 5 pillars of Islam” Dakota

Cooking and Food Tasting with Sharon On Thursday 5th October, we made salsa and tasted different Mayan foods with Sharon. We also had to describe what the different foods looked like, smelt like and tasted like. Here are some pictures of the fabulous afternoon we had!  

Our Stunning Moments from w.c 25.09.2017!


“This week we have been doing lots of mastery skills in Maths- it was so much fun!” Ruby B


“We had our first RE session this week, I learnt some new religions.” Zack


“On Thursday we had a really fun session with Sharon.” Kian


“I liked the PSHE session we had, learning about Inside Out and our emotions.” Abi N


“I love Push It Friday – it’s my favourite part of the week!” Abbie R


“I did amazing in my Grammar Hammer check and went for Cake with Calderwood!” Harvey

Please find the information handed out from 5R's Meet and Greet.

Attendance figures for this week 2-6 July 2018 95.6%. Almost at our target of atleast 96%