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Welcome to Class 5W!

Welcome to Class 5W! 1

Welcome to 5W!

In 5W we are a team of hardworking children. Currently we have 21 children in our class and we really enjoy being part of such a small class. We have 11 girls and 10 boys. Our class teacher is Miss Wadsworth and on a Monday morning we are taught by Miss Mitchell. 


In 5W we all really love reading and are currently enjoying reading Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. We are very eager mathematicians and particularly enjoy problem solving. We are working hard to improve our English and Maths skills so we do this every day.


On a Friday we have Maths homework based on the skills we have been learning that week. It is due in every Wednesday and we get house points for completing it. Each week we also have a spelling test on a Friday. We also try to read as much as possible each week to gain raffle tickets for our reading raffle on a Friday. 


We are working hard on developing a growth mindset and thinking positively about our work and ourselves. We have a lot to be proud of!

Leaf and bark rubbings

Speaking and Listening in Class 5W - 5 minutes to talk about something that interests you.

Learning Capoeira (Brazilian martial arts/dance)

Debate in Class 5W - Should Victorian Children go to School?

Debate in Class 5W - Should Victorian Children go to School? 1
Debate in Class 5W - Should Victorian Children go to School? 2

We enjoyed using skittles to help us with fractions!

Merry Christmas from Class 5W! When we return in Spring 1 our topic will be The Victorians. We have enjoyed preparing for this over Christmas by reading A Christmas Carol in class.


Our highlights from this half term have been:

- making melting snowmen biscuits

- Learning gymnastics in PE

- Making papier mache planets

- Trip to the National Space Centre 


See you all in 2018!

Melting Snowmen biscuits

Autumn 2


This half term our topic is Space! We are really excited to learn more about this. In PE we are also looking forward to learning Scottish Country Dancing. It's going to be a fun half term! 

Look at our amazing Viking broaches!

Attendance figures for this week 2-6 July 2018 95.6%. Almost at our target of atleast 96%