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Welcome to class 6's page! A  little bit about us and our new classroom:  We have thirty four in our class; seventeen boys and seventeen girls and we all enjoy being taught by our wonderful TAs and teacher Mr Bryan, Mrs Rigg, Mrs Morely and Miss Cripwell. 

We're working on a world war two project in topic, so far we've done some art silhouettes  from the blitz, as well as experiencing an air-raid siren practice, hiding under tables and running to our P.E equipment shelter. Now you'll be amazed - we are so lucky - we are the only class to have air con, three toilets and walkie-talkie (to contact our school office.) More to follow soon.... By Cameron (Y6).

Y6 Emporium and last Day before Christmas Fun

Thank to everyone who hunted out books which were returned to Gedling Library when we visited on Tuesday. Sam and Jan, the librarians, we very grateful. Remember that you can return books to the library or to school at any time. I have attached an up-dated list after Tuesday's visit.

Enterprise day at Carlton Academy


Last Thursday we went to Carlton Academy for an Enterprise day. Whilst we were there, we got the opportunity to work in the DT and ICT departments. In the DT room we were in, we had to make small LED torches to look like mosters. The first thing we did was design our monster torches on a piece of paper, we then transfered them on to a template which we then used to make our torches. After that we went down to the ICT rooms where we had to come up with a way to sell our torches to the public. We had to figure out the prices which we would sell the torches at and then we had to design a logo for our torches/ product. This was a really fun and different day for everyone and we really enjoyed it!


PLease see the photos below.

Last Tuesday, our Year 6's went to The Carlton Academy for a chance to try out some science. During this afternoon, they had the chance to experiment with bunsen burners to how different chemicals burned and why different chemicals are used in fireworks for a specific colour.  They also got to build rockets which they were able to launch at the end of the day to see which groups would fly the highest. Everyone had an amazing afternoon and had lots of fun over at The Carlton Academy. 

Topic Overview

Week 1 Spring term Attendance across school 95.4% - we're aiming for 96.1% - together we can achieve it!