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Class 6M

The children

There are currently 21 pupils in this mixed ability year 6 class comprising of 14 girls and 7 boys. The class have made an excellent start to the year. Their learning attitudes and behaviour are excellent. All pupils are keen to learn, whilst also being kind to each other. Pupils are enthusiastic about our new reading incentive 'The Reading Arcade'. With nearly every pupil meeting or far exceeding their targets. 


Adults working in class

Alongside the class teacher, TAs, Dawn Milne and Becky Morley are supporting across year 6. Mrs Milne works Monday to Friday and Mrs Morley on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

R.E. Report

R.E. Report 1

Hello, welcome to 6M. We are going to tell you about our R.E. lessons that we do with Ms. Gill.


R.E. helps us to be better people in life, which means you help others and be kind to people when they are struggling with something. We also learn that different countries celebrate different festivals. Some people might also celebrate Christmas differently to us.

One of our favourite activities from R.E. was making a tree of generosity. Here are our three favourite quotes that we wrote on our trees of generosity:

  • Money can’t buy you happiness
  • Don’t give to receive
  • Sharing is caring


Hope you enjoyed reading our R.E. report, now we have some pictures for you to see!

From B, U and J

English Report

English Report 1
English Report 2
English Report 3

In six weeks of school time we planned to write about the book ‘Tuesday’. The book only had 6 words (most words were time related), so we had to think about what was happening in the book very carefully, this is a skill called inferring. We also focussed on different skills in our lessons, we looked at; speech (direct, reported and broken), description (personification, metaphors, similes,) and sentence openers. To help improve our speech skill we wrote a conversation between two frogs, to help improve our description skill we wrote a description of the swamp that the frogs lived in and to help improve our sentence openers we used something called DADWAVERS (description, action, dialogue, where, adverbs, verbs, estimation of time, rhetorical questions, similes).

Here are some of our opinions:

L – “I enjoyed this book because it shows me that you don’t have to have lots of words in a book to be able to re-write it.”

K - “All of the work on the skills really helped me improve my writing, particularly the speech.”

A - “I was really proud of the finished write that I made, it’s the best write that I’ve done so far.”

Maths Report

Maths Report 1
Maths Report 2
Maths Report 3
Maths Report 4

We’ve been learning about fractions (equivalent, adding, subtracting, improper, mixed and simplifying). Mr Mac taught us methods to complete problems on adding and subtracting mixed numbers and then simplifying to the smallest amount. He even taught us how to convert mixed numbers into improper fractions so lets say I have 6 5/9, he taught us that you have to multiply the whole number by the denominator and then add the numerator. We all really enjoy math’s and the way Mr Mac makes it fun, we’re all looking forward to doing more work on fractions and even moving onto decimals and percentages.

From C, K, P

Topic Report

Topic Report 1

In 6M we have been doing the story of Britain since we got back from Christmas. We started off by looking at cavemen that lived here in England, we made posters all about them. What they liked and wore for clothes and ate. We then made our own modal of the evolution of man using pipe cleaners and mod-roc. We’re now moving onto the Romans and researching why they invaded Britain.


Last term we looked at light and forces and it was really interesting. And the term before  that we did WW2 but that was really sad but also interesting. After Easter we’re looking at France because we are going to France at the end of June and we’re all really excited.

Hope you like our pictures and facts. Our favourite topic so far is the story of Britain!! Our rating is 5 out of 5 we have given it this because it is based on lots of different times of history which we get to research.


From M, G, C

Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 Newsletter

Spring 1 Newsletter

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Well done to the Stanhope Year 6 team for their outstanding effort and hard work during SATS- what super stars you all are!