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FOSS(Friends of Stanhope School)

Welcome to the Friends of Stanhope School (F.O.S.S.) page!


Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 1
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 2
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 3
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 4
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 5
Macmillan Coffee Afternoon 6


FOSS is a fundraising organisation run by both staff and parents. We usually meet once every half term, to discuss upcoming events and activities. 


Over the past few years, FOSS have raised lots of money by running discos, film clubs, fairs and much more.  


The money that we raise pays for items that are not covered by the school budget. For example; new PE mats, curtains in the lower school hall, playground equipment, new football kits, football goals, school trips and books.


If you are interested in joining our friendly team then please speak to Cara Russell or Mr Marriott. Please check the website for details -



Every Friday from 3.30pm onwards until the end of term, FOSS will be selling Ice Poles at Upper School on the school playground. Please come and support the school and have a refreshing ice pole in the summer sun!



Our annual Summer Fair is on Friday, July 15th from 3.30pm onwards.  The more people who volunteer to help, the better!  If you would like to help in any way, please contact Cara Russell or Mr Marriott for more information.


FOSS will also be serving refreshments at the up and coming Sports Day which on Friday, 1st July.


Christmas Fair


Many thanks to everyone who supported our Christmas Fair. It was great to have so many parents help us set up and run stalls. We raised a total profit of £835.66 in the hall, with Class 5 and Class 6 raising an extra £400 between them towards their school trips.



 We have  raised £3216.70 for the year of 2015 and hope to do just as well (if not better) in 2016!!


Thanks again to everyone who has supported our events throughout 2015.



Week 5 Spring Term Attendance 94.5% - average in 2018 so far just under 95% - keep aiming together so that we can reach 96% and over!!