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Welcome to Stanhope Pre-school!


In Pre-school we enjoy lots of learning through play.  We have plenty of things to explore and keep us busy as we grow and develop ready for school.  There's the option of both indoor and outdoor play.  Activities are child led, so are planned around our interests and tailored to individual needs.
Pre-school gives us a great opportunity to make lots of friends our own age as we practise our social skills.  We work from the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum and focus upon our language development, emotional well-being and physical development.
We follow a structured but flexible routine, which ties in with Foundation Stage 1, to support our transition into nursery.







We've been having lots of fun getting ready for Christmas!

Goldilocks and the Three Bears - September 2017

Our Learning Environment

Attendance figures for this week 2-6 July 2018 95.6%. Almost at our target of atleast 96%