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Hello and welcome to Foundation 2! smiley


Our lovely class is made up of 33 children, 2 teachers (Miss Walter and Mrs Jeffery) and 2 teaching assistants (Miss Alyson and Mrs Smith). We also have Mrs D joining us on a Wednesday afternoon to help while our teachers are out of the classroom doing PPA (planning, progress and assessment). We are all so excited about being at school and we love to learn! 

Our Royal Wedding Ceremony

Our Easter Egg Hunt

Spring term 2


This half term we are continuing with our Superhero topic, as well as doing some activities linked to Mother's Day, Spring and Easter.

We enjoyed world book day in Reception Class! We spent some time showing off our costumes and talking about our chosen characters. Our teachers read us lots of stories and some of us brought in our favourite book to share with our friends.
Our first week back after half term was cut short because of the snow! We did enjoy playing and exploring in this unexpected cold weather!

Snow 28.2.18

Snow 28.2.18 1
Snow 28.2.18 2

Spring Term 1


This half term our topic is Superheroes! We have enjoyed our introduction to the topic by talking about our favourite superheroes, talking about different super powers and reading superhero stories!


We have had such a fun half term this Spring 1 and we can't wait to continue our learning about Superheroes next half term. Here are some of our highlights...


Getting our new climbing frame!

Having our own 'potion lab'

Our visit from the Policeman when learning about real-life Superheroes

Learning about Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year

Our new climbing frame! 5.2.18


This week we have been reading the story of Supertato! We have been making our own supertato characters using real potatoes and mashing the evil peas as part of our funky fingers activity. We have also been discovering different vegetables every morning that have been victims of the evil peas! We have found the carrot stuck to the cupboard door, the parsnip stuck under the water tray and the potato tied to one of the train tracks. We made sure to rescue them! In maths we have been singing different songs to help us with 'one less'.



Traction Man has been our Superhero text of the week and it has given us lots of opportunities to play and explore with activities linked to the story. We turned our water tray into the kitchen sink, where Traction Man has lots of adventures. In writing we have been designing and labelling our own outfit for Traction Man and some of us got very creative! We have also been finding out about weight and using weighing scales in Maths.

Autumn Term 2!

We can't believe it's already our second half term in Reception! smiley

This half term we will be learning about Fireworks/ Bonfire Night, 3 Billy Goats Gruff, Noah's Ark, The Gingerbread man and lots more (as well as doing lots of Christmas activities and practising for our Christmas show!)

Nativity - 'Whoops-a-Daisy Angel'

Our Christmas Party!

Full of party food, singing and dancing our Christmas Party in Foundation was SO much fun! We even wore party hats that we had decorated ourselves and all sat around a beautifully decorated Christmas table to enjoy our food.
Our Christmas craft day was a huge success in Reception! Lots of Mummies and Daddies came to help with the craft activities that were available and it certainly helped to get us feeling all Christmassy! The children painted tree decorations, baulbauls, decorated stockings, iced biscuits and lots lots more.

The Gingerbread Man

This half term in PE we are doing Gymnastics!

So far we have learned gymnastics shapes and have started to create our own sequences.

3 Billy Goats Gruff

Our Firework week

We enjoyed a fantastic firework themed week! All of our activities were linked to Bonfire night and we had lots of fun learning about The Gunpowder plot, painting beautiful pictures and collecting sticks from the woods for a pretend Bonfire.


We also made our own rockets at home, decorated them, filled them with sweets and then another child paid a pound to buy a rocket of their choice. The completed rockets looked absolutely amazing and children loved choosing one to buy. This also raised some money so that the teachers can buy some lovely new things for our classroom.

Our amazing rockets

Our amazing rockets 1
Our amazing rockets 2
Our amazing rockets 3

Autumn Term 1!


Our first half term in Reception! We have done lots of learning about traditional tales, Autumn, Harvest and lots lots more.

For 'Big Me' we came dressed up as what we wanted to be when we grow up. We had lots of different aspirations including; nurses, doctors, chefs, teachers and superheroes!!! 

We have also had a visit from Tesco where Rose came and talked to us about Harvest. This linked with our learning about the Little Red Hen. We learned a little bit about where our food comes from, we played with bread dough, made our own jam sandwiches and tasted some different foods that some of us had not tired before.

Harvest visit from Tesco

In the final week of this first half term, Foundation 2 have really enjoyed having an 'autumn week'. We've been on an autumn walk and found lots of autumn things like conkers and leaves. We've learned about hibernation, talked about festivals that are celebrated in this season and we have also been singing autumn songs!

In phonics we have learned lots of new sounds and we have also started doing lots of maths, reading and writing. In Foundation 2 we love to learn through play so we have been building relationships with other children in the class and exploring with the toys and activities that are available. We are independent so we can choose what we would like to play with and it is our responsibility to tidy away after we have finished!

Our amazing maths learning

This half term we have been so lucky to meet Benji who is a reading dog and he comes to visit every Thursday afternoon. He sits in our reading corner and listens to children read. The children (and Benji!) really enjoy it.

Nina and Benji our reading dog

Nina and Benji our reading dog 1





Attendance figures for this week 18-23 June 2018 95.6%. Almost at our target of atleast 96%