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Sports Leaders

The Sports Leaders are a group of year 5 and year 6 children who have recieved training in delivering  small sports session or games linking with sports so they are able to teach the other children during lunchtime and sometimes Golden Time. They operate off of a rota which allows them to work with different Sports Leaders on different days. 


They run games at lunchtime or Golden time such as basketball, dodgeball and football as well as many more. This is done with both KS1 and KS2 on different days, allowing all of the different ages in the school to benefit from this time, getting involved in sports which is something some of them may not normally do during their lunch time.  


This also means that children who perhaps aren't very keen on PE lessons can have this time and opportunity to play and participate in sports. This is also good for the sports leaders as it gives them a chance to expierience teaching/coaching to a wide range of ages. As well as this, it helps the sports leaders to build on their communication and people skills by talking to a wide range of ages and being able to deliver a session properly to them with the children fully understanding what it is they are supposed to do in this session. 


One of the Sports Leaders, Carl, has said that he likes to do it because he finds thats it's good to help him with his understanding of different people because he also helps out at his taekwondo club after school. This means he is able to carry over the training and expierince he is getting from this Sports Leader role and use it in other situations out of school. 


Sports Leaders Rota

Day  KS2 Games 
Monday  Dylan and Megan Girls only football
Tuesday  Ethan and Carl  Tag rugby 
Wednesday Lydia and Caitlyn Bulldog/ tag based games 
Thursday Faith and Aleksandra Fitness
Friday NAomi and Megan and Dylan Rounders