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Autumn 1

Our topic for Autumn 1 is My Life. Look what we've been up to!


Week 5 


Another week in Year 1 is complete, only 2 weeks left until half term! 


In English this week we've been learning about rhyming words. We've matched rhyming pictures, had a go at writing some rhyming strings and even written our own silly rhyming sentences! Next week we'll be focusing on the story 'The Enormous Turnip' since it fits in nicely with the theme of Harvest festival ready for our trip to the church on Thursday!


Number bonds have been our maths focus for this week. We've been using cubes and part-part-whole models to help us find all the different ways to make 10. Miss Morwood taught us a brand new word 'commutative' which we all find very tricky to say. But we know that it means we can swap any addition question around and it will still make the same answer!


In topic we've been talking about why we celebrate harvest festival and had a look at some vegetable-inspired artwork by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (see below!) We talked about what vegetables we would use to make our own Arcimboldo-inspired faces and had a go at drawing them in our sketch books! Next week we'll be having our own harvest celebration by making vegetable soup and bread rolls. 


In the first week back after half term it will be parents evening. We can't wait for you to see and hear what we've been up to in Year 1 so far. Until then we will keep working hard so we have even more to show you!

Picture 1
Picture 2
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Week 4


Where has the week gone? We can't believe we've been in Year 1 for 4 weeks already!! 


Miss Morwood is very impressed by our hard work this week, especially in English where we've been learning about captions. We all now know that a caption is a short sentence that describes what's happening in a picture. We have practised matching pictures to the right captions and writing our own captions about Mrs Hall's cat! Some of us are already writing full sentences with capital letters, finger spaces and full stops laugh


In maths we've been learning all about addition. We have used our super knowledge of Numicon to help us add two numbers together. Then later in the week we learnt how to use a number line to add by counting on! Miss Morwood set an extra challenge of solving some addition word problems, we are all trying to blow her socks off! 


In topic we've been talking about colours. We learnt about primary and secondary colours, and all had a go at mixing paint to make other colours. We all got very messy (more paint on the hands than the paper!) but it was all worth it! Next week we'll be talking about harvest and making our own harvest-themed paintings using the colour mixing skills we've learnt. 


We loved our golden time this week which was playing parachute games in the hall, we all had so much fun. We are all looking forward to another week in our fantastic class and can't wait to see what we'll be learning next. 

Week 3


It's the end of another fantastic week in Class 1M! I'm so proud of the children's continued improvement in behaviour and hard work. 


In English this week we've been learning all about lists. We talked about what we use lists for, and how to set them out correctly. We read the story 'Oliver's fruit salad' and wrote a list of the fruits we'd like in our fruit salad. Then we pretended we were throwing a party, and wrote our shopping lists (including lots of cakes!) Next week we will be finding out about captions, what they are and how to write them.


In maths we have been practising filling in missing numbers on a number line, and using the number line to find 1 more and 1 less than numbers to 20. Some of us had an extra challenge of finding 1 more and 1 less than numbers all the way to 100! Next week we'll be impressing Miss Morwood with our adding skills!


We've all had a fantastic time in topic this week, designing and making our own fruit faces. Miss Morwood was very proud that lots of us tried fruits we had never tried before and we loved them. We had bananas, apples, kiwis, plums, pineapple, strawberries, grapes (3 different colours!) and satsumas. See some pictures of our fabulous fruit faces below!

Week 2


This week we have been learning about labels in English. We talked about the different places we can find labels and what we use them for. We then had a go at writing our own labels for things we could find in the classroom. Miss Morwood was very impressed with our segmenting and using Phase 3 sounds to label pictures of our families we drew in our English books. 


In maths we have been practicing recognising and ordering numbers to 20. We have done lots of practise counting objects to 20 and beyond. Some of us even had a go at filling in missing numbers on a 100 square, very impressive! This week we had our first 'Formation Friday.' We loved the different activities Miss Morwood set up for us to practise forming our numbers correctly, especially using the playdough and the Multilink cubes!


Our topic for Autumn 1 is 'my life.' This week we drew a picture of ourselves for the front page of our lovely red Topic books and we talked about how humans grow and change. Next week we're going to make our own skeletons using art straws and our own fruit people to taste! 


We've had a fantastic week learning in Class 1M and we loved our Golden time treat of going to the park in the beautiful, sunny weather laugh

Our attendance winners for this week are Class 1M with 97% and Class 5M with 99%! Well done for helping us towards our school target of 96%