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Golden Time and Star Chart 

At Stanhope, we believe that in order to create the best learning opportunities, we must create the best learning environment through making the right choices in and around school. At the end of the week we have the chance to earn our Golden Time, by making the right choices throughout the week on our star chart. 


Every day we all start on neutral, if members of staff can see us making the right learning choices and demonstrating our 4 R's (Resilience, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and using our Relationships) then we have the chance to move our star up and if we reach the top tier of Gold, we get to Taste The Rainbow! However, if we are not making the best learning choices we are asked to move our star down to give us the chance to reflect and change our learning behaviour. 


If our star is on neutral or above every day of the week (which is super easy for us!) then we get our full Golden Time - a fun reward that we get to vote on each week. If we don't, we have some time to reflect on our choices with an adult. 

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Class Dojo's 


In class, we also have the chance to earn class dojo's (which have now replaced house points). We are very excited to earn dojo's and love looking at how many we have earned as a whole team! 

Our attendance winners for this week are Class 1M with 97% and Class 5M with 99%! Well done for helping us towards our school target of 96%