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Congratulations to both the boys and girls in their success at the football tournaments that were held this week for years 4 and 5. Both teams played extremely well at each tournament and each player put in a lot of effort in the matches. It was good to see the potential for the football team next year and we are looking forward to what's to come next year for both the boys and girls football teams.   


Congratulations to the years 3 & 4 athletics team for placing 4th in the athletics competition they attended recently and qualifying for the finals in which they placed 7th out of 24 different teams! A huge well done to each and every one of you who participated!

This in school football tournament was held and organised my Mr Kenney with help from our PE apprentice Harry to allow the children who don't get picked for the school football team or who do not usually get involved in competitions to have a chance at participating. They were split in to their different houses and all of the age groups were mixed, they were to all play 3 games each. There was a scoring system in place so we were able to track which teams were winning. It was all recorded on a large whiteboard on the side of the pitch so the children were able to see their progress throughout the tournament. Their prize for winning was the schools football trophy, the winning house would have their name engraved onto the trophy and they would be able to keep it for the rest of the term. CONGRATULATIONS to yellow house on winning the entire tournament!
Welcome back to school! All children have arrived back to school looking smart, showing our 4 R's and being ready to learn! Well done Stunning Stanhope!