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Stanhope Primary School



On 18th October 2018, we played against Willow Farm in our best match yet! We were winning by 3-0 by half time and were feeling confident with our team. However, we didn't expect to manage to get 7 goals passed the goalkeeper - 4 in the second half! It felt amazing to be proud of ourselves, the team and to represent the school. The goals were scored by - Olivia (4) Laila (2) Alex (1) and a sneaky home goal secured our victory! 


We were cheered on and supported by everyone who came to watch us succeed and win! A huge thank you to Mr Kenney for coaching us and helping us to be the best we could be! 


Hopefully this is the start of a winning streak! 



Welcome back to school! All children have arrived back to school looking smart, showing our 4 R's and being ready to learn! Well done Stunning Stanhope!