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Pupil voice

Year 3 - Kasey's opinion on sport in school

"I like PE because its fun because we do a lot of different sports in the PE lessons. I enjoyed basketball after school because I never really play it so it was nice and fun to do a sport that I don't normally get a chance to play. I like playing for the football team because I get to play with my friends and I get to go out of school to represent it and different schools."

Year 4 - Alex & Ruby opinion on sport in school

"I like the PE at school because it is fun. The teacher's are nice and they aren't boring when they're teaching us. I like doing all the different sports so we're not doing the same things all the time. I like the different variety of after school clubs that we can do because it gives us something to do instead of being sat at home doing nothing. The athletics tournament we did was fun because it was competitive and it lets us enjoy working with our friends doing different friends. I like that we do it with teachers that we know so we feel comfortable with them instead of being taught by somebody we don't know. I like that we do different sports at the after school clubs than what we would do in a PE lesson. I like how the after school clubs are quite short because it means we still have time to door own things afterwards. I like competing against other schools because it lets us see how good the other schools are so we can compare our abilities to theirs so we can see how to improve."


Year 4- Jimmy's opinion on sport in school

"I like PE in school because it helps us learn new things like throwing and catching and football, different skills for different games. I find it fun because we get to go outside instead of being in the class room. Playing in the football team is good because I like to play football. After school clubs are good and fun because I would normally be sat down watching TV at home but instead I'm doing sports with my friends. When Mr Woolley comes in its goof because I enjoy playing football and rounder's with him."

Year 5 - Dylan's opinion on sport in school

" I like PE because we do a lot of it and it keeps me and other children active. I like how its fun stuff because it makes me want to do it more. Being a sports leader is hard work but I think its fun because I get to make the other children and do a variety of games so they can learn more games so they're able to play by them selves eventually. I like how different teachers do different types of after school clubs, I also like how they keep everyone healthy because there are some that need it and I think its very beneficial to all of us to learn how to be healthy. The football team I play in at school is a good idea because I get to make new friends both in and out of school and it also lets me spend more time playing football with my friends but also representing the school at the same time."

Year 6 - Carl's opinion on sports in school

"I think that it can be boring at times but most of the time its fun because we mainly focus on one type of sport instead of a variety of sports. Being a sports/learning leader is fun but it can get annoying at times when children don't listen to me, but its fun most of the time. I don't really do after school clubs because I do other thins and clubs out of school. The football team is fun because you get to play with your friends and get to know them better."

Welcome back to school! All children have arrived back to school looking smart, showing our 4 R's and being ready to learn! Well done Stunning Stanhope!