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Stanhope School Council at work

School Governor Visit to observe School Council


School Governor, Danielle Brown, visited school to observe a joint KS1 and KS2 School Council Meeting.


This is what she noticed during her time with the School Council members:-


  • KS1 and KS2 pupils shared what they had been talking about in their key stage school council meetings,
  • KS1 had been talking about how to make playtimes happier,
  • KS2 had been discussing making changes to lunchtimes.
  • There was evidence that school council members had taken the issues back to their class and had together generated further ideas,
  • Plans were made to take some ideas forward and some pupils were tasked with particular jobs.
  • Pupils listened to one another and demonstrated kindness to each other, KS2 pupils supported KS1 pupils.
  • Teachers praised the children for good behaviour.


Evidence of British Values



School councillors were elected by their classmates.   Children vote on issues such as whether school heating is too hot or too cold.  Through school council meetings, pupils are encouraged to influence decision making throughout the school.


Rule of law

The School council discussed the playtime rules and how these could be illustrated in different ways.


Individual liberty

Each pupil was encouraged to voice their opinion


Mutual Respect

I observed amazing listening skills from the pupils who listened to, repsected and encouraged each other's contributions.

Upper School School Council Members 2016

Class Representatives

Class Representatives 1 Class 3 Representatives - Ben, Tamzin and Alan
Class Representatives 2 Class 4K Representatives - Phoebe and Tom
Class Representatives 3 Class 4W Representatives - Summer and Annas
Class Representatives 4 Class 5 Representatives - Dylan and Bo
Class Representatives 5 Class 6 Representatives - Carl and Olivia
Welcome back to school! All children have arrived back to school looking smart, showing our 4 R's and being ready to learn! Well done Stunning Stanhope!