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School Meals

Gold Award

Food for Life Partnership for School Meals


To be awarded this Gold Award our school kitchen and staff have ably demonstrated progress in the following areas:-

Food leadership - whole school approach and food policy

Food quality and provenance - seasonal, fresh, local and organic ingredients

Food education - cooking, growing and farm links

Food culture and community involvement- dining experience and community links


Gold schools are hubs of good food culture in their community, actively involving parents and community groups in cooking and growing activity.  School meals area at least 75% freshly prepared, 50% local and 30% organic and the majority of school pupils are choosing to eat school meals.

Groups of pupils are actively involved in the life of a local farm and every pupil has the opportunity to experience growing some food.  Every pupil will have 12 hours or more of practical cooking per year.


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At Stanhope primary and nursery school we look forward to a good quality and  heathy meal every day .The cooks spend there time cooking us all a meal, so we have enough energy for all our learning . When asked some pupils said what they thought about the food one girl in year 2W said she: ‘enjoys all the food that the cooks make . The food is tasty and she enjoys having different meals.’

A pupil in 1M said he ‘like the meals better than home meals

J & M in year 3 said they:

really like them they are tasty they also love sitting with their friends.’


At dinner time we have couple of tables and people get to sit with their friends . We put low music on and get our food one by one. After everybody has eaten their dinner we often get the chance for second helpings mmmmm. If you don’t want any seconds you may get your pudding. We have different delicious puddings every day and a yogurt if you would like!


By EM and NG in year 6

Welcome back to school! All children have arrived back to school looking smart, showing our 4 R's and being ready to learn! Well done Stunning Stanhope!