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Uniform Policy

Our Uniform


At Stanhope we expect that our pupils take pride in their presentation, which is easily achieved, by wearing the 'Stunning Stanhope' uniform.


The uniform consists of the following:

For boys

- Black shoes

- Black/grey shorts or trousers

- A white/red collared shirt or t-shirt

- A red jumper (no hoodies please)


For girls

- Black shoes (little to no heel please)

- Black/grey shorts, skirt, trousers, dress and or tights

- A red/white dress may be worn in the summer

- A white or red t-shirt/blouse

- Red jumper or cardigan 


You can purchase our uniform with the Stanhope logo on from 'Just Schoolwear' see the link below to order online. We also have 'Schoolwear Solutions' as an alternative uniform supplier with the logos.  Alternatively uniforms without a logo can be purchase from a range of supermarkets and or shops.


Picture 1

Just School Wear Price List and Order Form

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