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Stanhope Primary School


WB 30/11/20

Weekly Timetable


For Monday's lesson use objects around your house e.g. marbles, lego pieces, pencils, pens etc to create equal groups and explain how many equal groups there are and how many objects are in each group.



For Writing this week we are writing our story The Stone Age Girl based on the learning we have been doing about The Stone Age Boy. Use your plans to help you :)

Learning Journey


Complete the Rocks Observations sheet by researching the following rocks: sandstone, slate, basalt, chalk, granite and limestone.


Fossils - If you have bread and some jelly sweets then you can have a go at the fossil investigation. If you don't have these then watch the video and write down 3 facts about how fossils are formed.

How do dinosaur fossils form? | Natural History Museum


Watch the video about the layers of soil. Draw a diagram of the different layers of soil.

Layers of Soil for Kids #aumsum #kids #education #science #learn

We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.