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Stanhope Primary School



Spellings are handed out every Friday as part of our homework and we have a spelling test every Thursday. 



All spellings are taken from the 3/4 word list - these are a group of words all children are expected to read, know and spell by the end of Year 4. 


As part of their homework, children will be asked to choose 10 words of their choice to practice. The children will not know which spellings they will be tested on. We feel this better prepares them for the end of KS2 spelling test and helps the children to know a wide range of words and retain this instead of learning a set 10 words each week and not retaining this information. 

We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.