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Today's writing is the picture task of drawing an egg. Please ask children to draw their own number line for Maths if you are unable to print. Pick any two of the topic activities.



Hi guys, page 84-94 for the Maths comparing decimals and sentence activity for the writing.

Hi everyone today's Maths is ordering decimals slides 84-94.

Writing is the sick sentence task. Reading you will need an online dictionary. Topic is designing an Egyptian cat mummy using toilet roll. Can you also list 10 things you would not find in Egypt?


Today's topic is to have a go at making some Egyptian food. Or if this is not possible could you research a recipe and design a menu for it?


Reading Comprehension- Howard Carter



Hi guys, today's Maths is comparing decimals. Please complete slides 60-71. Again remembering that the answer slide comes after each slide.



Today's writing. Please be sure to only complete the drawing task at the end as we shall be using the rest of the tasks for this week's learning.





Hi guys uploaded below are the Maths, Reading and topic. For Maths please just do slides 32-47, remember each slide is followed by the answer slide. Also a reminder that children should be reading and practising their times tables each day on TT rockstars. They should also all have a log in for Maths Prodigy which is a fun-based maths game which they all love! Have a great day.



Hi guys hope you are all enjoying the sunshine and the workouts we've been posting. I'll post the reading, maths and topic below. For reading for today you will need the story from yesterday. For Maths i will send a powerpoint could you answer the questions on making a whole i believe it is only up to slide 30 but half of those are answer slides. Please note the answers to each slide are on the following slide so make sure children do one slide at a time and do not answer past making a whole. Topic is to have a go at making a pyramid. If you don't have many resources, can you draw one ? Remember to send me your pictures of your work, I would love to see some of your mindful moment pics so please keep up with that! Who can pick the craziest place at home to meditate? Have a great day guys! 



Hi guys Math's today is to design and fill in your own multiplication speed wheel, English is a reading journal activity you will need the story from yesterday and for topic i have uploaded some creative Egyptian jewellery ideas !



Hi guys uploaded is a maths powerpoint on making a whole, children can go through the powerpoint answering the questions then have a go at the worksheet attached separately. There are 3 sets of difficulty your child should know which level to work at. Jotters were sent home last week if you were not in school, paper will do. English is a reading comprehension activity attached is the story we have been reading that they'll need to answer the questions. For topic ask children to create a spider diagram to share with you all the things they know about Ancient Egypt and also write questions of what they would still like to know. Apologies for the length of the message i am in school all week so will be difficult to answer questions during the day. Also it would not let me upload more than one document at a time. Hope your all okay and not missing me to much.



Hi guys this morning for writing we did a plan for our guided write tomorrow on Howard Carter's discovery of Tutankamun's tomb. The three paragraphs we chose were:


1. Howard Carter 

2. The search for the tomb 

3. inside the tomb.


If children could include in bullet or note form what they would like to include in each paragraph that would be great.


Eg the first paragraph should be a description of Howard Carter, 

the second should be about the long hard search for the tomb (8 years in the hot, blistering desert!)

the third paragraph about all of the amazing things found inside the tomb.


We have done lots of work on this already so children should be well equipped!


In Maths we are continuing our recap of dividing by 10 and 100 so if children could pick 5 1 or 2 digit numbers to divide by 10 and the same for 100 that would be great. 


eg 6 divided by 10=0.6


26 divided by 100 = 0.26


for an extra challenge could children divide 3 digit numbers!


Reading and times table rock stars would be super beneficial for the children also!


Stay safe everyone ! 


Class 4K

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