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Stanhope Primary School


WB 12/07/21




Write out your letter to your new teacher (I will send you what you have done so far on ClassDojo if you started this in class). Your last paragraph is telling your teacher what you are looking forward to and asking them a question like - what is your favourite animal? 



Spend some time reading a book at home or watch this video on Youtube and complete the question sheet. 



Reading scales in kilograms and grams. Please watch the Maths video and give the question sheet a go. 



Spend some time on PurpleMash and Prodigy. If you need your logins send your teacher a message on Dojo. 


Golden Time

Your choice of what you do! :) 


Espero que les guste la verdadera historia de Walter el perro del cronometraje "Festin"

Please read the 'Welcome Back Letter - March 2021' on ParentMail. Please pay special attention to the drop off and pick up times and gates on the last page. We are really looking forward to having everyone back in school.