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WB 25/01/21

Weekly Timetable

Learning Journey (Science)

The second half of this half term we are looking at forces and magnets. The Learning Journey Questions for this week are 'What are forces?' and 'Can toy vehicles drive on all surfaces equally well?'


Monday - Write down everything you know about forces and magnets. You can do this as a bullet point list, mind map, poster or any way you can think of. Then write down 3 questions about what you would like to find out about forces and magnets.


Tuesday - Look at the powerpoint about forces. Write down a list of push and pull forces you can think of. Then create a force in action on your own or with a sibling/grown up and upload it to your Dojo portfolio so your teacher can guess what force you are acting out.


Thursday - Watch the video clip about friction and read the information about friction on the BBC Bitesize page. Then test out friction on a toy car/train/object with wheels that you could make from Lego and complete the sheet.

MAGNETS | How It's Made


Login to Language Angels and select 'Unit 7: Les Animaux (animals)' from the Entry Level Challenge and then 'Lesson 1'. Learn the 5 animals and then complete the worksheet.

We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.