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Multiplication Table Check

Everything You Need To Know About the Multiplication Tables Check

In 2020, the Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) was introduced as a statutory requirement for all Year 4 pupils in UK schools. Due to Covid-19 and school closures, the MTC was cancelled along with all other testing.  Last year, schools were able to choose whether to complete the test or not and, this year, the test will go ahead as originally planned.

The Purpose of the MTC

The MTC is designed to determine whether pupils are able to recall their multiplication tables and to help schools identify those children who may need support in this area. We know that having a quick recall of their multiplication tables can benefit pupils across the maths curriculum and, as children progress to upper Key Stage 2, it can make concepts such as fractions and decimals far easier for them to tackle.

When and how will the MTC be carried out?

Every child will be assessed within a three week window in June, with there being no specific date set. If, for any reason, your child will not be entered for the check, you will be notified directly. It would also be very helpful if you could notify the office in good time if, for any reason, your child may be absent within this period.

The children will complete the check online during school time and answers will be entered using a keyboard or touchscreen. It will consist of 25 random questions and will only take around 5 minutes. The check will be comprised of questions from the 2 x table to the 12 x table.

How will it be assessed?

Pupils will not see their individual results as they complete the check, but parents will be notified of their child’s results after the three week assessment window. As of yet, the Department of Education have not published a pass mark.

How can parents/carers help?

  • Practising times tables by rote/chanting
  • Encouraging your child to spend time on Times Tables Rockstars – the ‘Sound Check’ mode replicates the test exactly
  • Asking your child multiplication questions out of order – such as ‘What’s 11 x 12? What’s 5 x 6?’
  • Asking your child the related division facts: Whats 8 ÷ 4? Whats 9 ÷ 6?


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