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WB 26/04/21


As you are aware school is closed because there is no water in school. Please keep an eye on Dojo and Parent Mail for an update about reopening hopefully this afternoon.

Today we had planned practical lessons so we will save those until we are all back in school and the work for today is below 😊

Writing - Grammar Hammer
Reading - choose your favourite book and practise reading it out loud to someone at home and use your best story voice
Maths - Prodigy and Times Tables (if you need your login please message your teacher)

This afternoon if we aren't in the work is:
Learning Journey - create a poster for a garden centre to remind people about what plants need to grow successfully
French - Musical instruments crossword

Any questions please message your teacher 😊


Learning Journey

Design a poster for a garden centre, so they can display it to help people who are thinking about buying a plant learn how to look after it correctly. 


See if you can remember the 5 things we have learnt about this week that plants need to grow. 

Login to the Language Angels website and choose Unit 2: Musical Instruments from the entry level challenge. Select Lesson 3 and look at the slides to remind yourself of the different instruments. Then have a go at the crossword

Story Time - Be Kind

Story Time - Scribble Stones

Stone happily waited to see what his purpose was going to be. Would he become landscaping or perhaps a stone pet? As long as he was able to brighten someone'...

Story Time - Tiny T Rex and The Impossible Hug

Dinosaur Stories are the best especially if they are about a T-Rex! This little guy just wants to give his friend a caring hug-Join us for a dramatic read of...

We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.