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WB 18/01/21

Weekly Timetable

The Lighthouse - Video for this week's writing

Learning Journey - Science


This week our Learning Journey questions are 'What are shadows?', 'Which materials make the best shadows?' and 'Why are they not always the same size?'.


Monday - Create shadows using a torch and objects around your house. Take pictures of you making different shadows and then write down or record a video explaining how shadows are created.


Challenge - can you change the size of the shadow and make it bigger and smaller? 


Tuesday - Shadow Size Investigation

Make a tin foil person using the video instructions. Investigate what happens to the size of the shadow depending on how far the torch is from the object.


Thursday - Shadow Puppet Show

Create characters for a shadow puppet show and perform it to your family. Record your puppet show and upload it to Dojo. You could create a shadow puppet show of your favourite story, Orion and the Dark, Charlotte's Web. It's up to you!

Login to Language Angels and select 'Unit 3: Basic Vocabulary' from the Entry Level Challenge and then 'Lesson 5'. Learn the days of the week and then complete the crossword



Watch this video first -

Then take a look at this example -

Finally, have a go at adding a condition to a programme  -



Please read the 'Welcome Back Letter - March 2021' on ParentMail. Please pay special attention to the drop off and pick up times and gates on the last page. We are really looking forward to having everyone back in school.