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WB 18/01/21

Weekly Timetable

The Lighthouse - Video for this week's writing

Learning Journey - Science


This week our Learning Journey questions are 'What are shadows?', 'Which materials make the best shadows?' and 'Why are they not always the same size?'.


Monday - Create shadows using a torch and objects around your house. Take pictures of you making different shadows and then write down or record a video explaining how shadows are created.


Challenge - can you change the size of the shadow and make it bigger and smaller? 


Tuesday - Shadow Size Investigation

Make a tin foil person using the video instructions. Investigate what happens to the size of the shadow depending on how far the torch is from the object.


Thursday - Shadow Puppet Show

Create characters for a shadow puppet show and perform it to your family. Record your puppet show and upload it to Dojo. You could create a shadow puppet show of your favourite story, Orion and the Dark, Charlotte's Web. It's up to you!

Login to Language Angels and select 'Unit 3: Basic Vocabulary' from the Entry Level Challenge and then 'Lesson 5'. Learn the days of the week and then complete the crossword



Watch this video first -

Then take a look at this example -

Finally, have a go at adding a condition to a programme  -



We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.