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It is really important your child practises their weekly spellings as much as possible at home. Please use the ideas below to support your child.

  • Play spelling tennis with a family member or friend (take it in turns to say a letter back and forth).
  • Write a short story using your spellings.
  • Write your spellings in order of the least letters to the most.
  • Play hangman using your spellings with a family member or friend.
  • Make a poster of your spellings and leave it somewhere you will see it every day.
  • Write your spellings in different types of sentences (questions, commands and exclamations).
  • Use a dictionary to find the meaning of your spellings and write them down.
  • Play anagrams with a family member or friend (jumble up the letters and guess the word).
  • Ask a family member or friend to test you on your spellings.
  • Write your spelling in different styles and colours (bubble writing, swirly letters, etc).
  • Write your spellings in alphabetical order.
  • Write your spelling in silly sentences.  CHALLENGE – can you get all words into one sentences?
  • Type your spellings onto a computer, ipad or phone.
  • Use spelling games or apps.
Please read the 'Welcome Back Letter - March 2021' on ParentMail. Please pay special attention to the drop off and pick up times and gates on the last page. We are really looking forward to having everyone back in school.