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Stanhope Primary School


Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Office Team and Chair of Governors

Office Team and Chair of Governors 1 Mrs Buckley, Finance Manager
Office Team and Chair of Governors 2 Mrs Glew, Office Manager
Office Team and Chair of Governors 3 Heather, Office Assistant
Office Team and Chair of Governors 4 Naomi Boulter, Chair of Governors

To contact the Chair of Governors, please use this email address:


Senior Leadership Team

Senior Leadership Team 1 Mrs Calderwood, Head Teacher
Senior Leadership Team 2 Ms Gill, Deputy Head
Senior Leadership Team 3 Mr Bryan, Assistant Head and Class 6B Teacher
Senior Leadership Team 4 Ms O'Grady, INCO and Class 4OG Teacher
Senior Leadership Team 5 Mrs Jeffery, EYFS Coordinator and RJ Teacher

2 Year Old Unit

2 Year Old Unit 1 Mrs D'Hooghe
2 Year Old Unit 2 Mrs Boultby

Foundation 1

Foundation 1 1 Mrs Jaques, Nursery Teacher
Foundation 1 2 Mrs Loughran, Teaching Assistant
Foundation 1 3 Mrs Ruth, Teaching Assistant


Reception  1 Mrs Jeffery, EYFS Coordinator
Reception  2 Miss Walter, Teacher
Reception  3 Mrs Smith, Teaching Assistant
Reception  4 Mrs Ahern, Teaching Assistant
Reception  5 Mrs Dworzanska, Support Teacher
Reception  6 Mrs Ruth, Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Year 1 1 Miss Morwood, Year 1M Teacher
Year 1 2 Ms Palmer, Year 1P Teacher
Year 1 3 Mrs Connelly, Teaching Assistant
Year 1 4 Mrs Price, Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Year 2 1 Mrs Martt, Year 2M Teacher
Year 2 2 Miss Wadsworth, Year 2W Teacher
Year 2 3 Mrs Powdrill, Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Year 3 1 Miss Messom, Year 3M Teacher
Year 3 2 Miss Hewitt, Year 3H Teacher
Year 3 3 Mrs Miles, Teaching Assistant
Year 3 4 Mrs Vernon, Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Year 4 1 Mr Kenney, Year 4K Teacher
Year 4 2 Ms O'Grady, Year 4OG Teacher
Year 4 3 Miss Measures, Teaching Assistant
Year 4 4 Mrs Fowler, Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Year 5 1 Miss Robyn, Year 5R Teacher
Year 5 2 Miss Ruth, Teaching Assistant
Year 5 3 Mrs Fowler, Teaching Assistant
Year 5 4 Miss Cripwell, Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Year 6  1 Mr Bryan, Year 6 Teacher
Year 6  2 Mr Mac, Year 6 Teacher
Year 6  3 Mrs Milne, Teaching Assistant
Year 6  4 Mrs Morley, Teaching Assistant


ECAR 1 Mrs Dworzanska


SENCO/ INCO 1 Ms O'Grady, SENCO/ INCO, Year 4 Teacher

PPA Cover

PPA Cover  1 Nigel Woolley KS1

Midday Team

Midday Team 1 Mr Bodily
Midday Team 2 Mrs Milne
Midday Team 3 Mrs Price
Midday Team 4 Miss Martyniuk
Midday Team 5 Mrs Vernon
Midday Team 6 Mrs Ruth
Midday Team 7 Mrs Boultby
Midday Team 8 Mrs Furr
Midday Team 9 Miss Knights

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff  1 Alison Gilliburn, School Chef
Kitchen Staff  2 Lisa Burrows, Cook 1
Kitchen Staff  3 Natasha Mazzitelli, Cook 2
Kitchen Staff  4 Tracy Lambert, Cook 1


Caretaker 1 Dave Hufton
A huge thank you to all the FOSS Team for their fabulous organisation of our annual Summer Fair - a record breaking £1006 was raised! Thank you to everyone too who came along and joined d in the fun!