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Stanhope Primary School


Who’s Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!

Senior Leadership Team

Ms Richards, Head Teacher
Miss Messom, Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs Jeffery, EYFS  Coordinator and RJ Teacher
Ms O'Grady, SENCO

Foundation 1

Mrs Jaques, Nursery Teacher
Mrs Loughran, Teaching Assistant


Mrs Jeffery, RJ Teacher & EYFS Coordinator
Miss Walter, RW Teacher
Ms Alyson, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Boultby, Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Miss Walker , Year 1W Teacher
Miss Mason, Year 1S Teacher
Mrs Hall, Year 1S Teacher
Mrs Fowler, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Powdrill, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Boultby, Teaching Assistant

Year 2

Mrs Martt, Year 2M Teacher
Mrs Palmer, Year 2P Teacher
Mrs Connelly, Teaching Assistant
Mrs Ruth, Teaching Assistant

Year 3

Miss McIver, Year 3M Teacher
Miss Robyn, Year 3R Teacher
Miss Cripwell, Teaching Assistant
Sharon, Teaching Assistant

Year 4

Mr Kenney, Year 4K Teacher
Miss Morwood, Year 4M Teacher
Miss Ruth, Teaching Assistant
Charlotte, Teaching Assistant

Year 5

Miss Messom, Year 5M Teacher & Assistant HT
Mr Williamson, Year 5W Teacher
Toni, Teaching Assistant
Emma, Teaching Assistant

Year 6

Mr Mac, Year 6M Teacher
Mrs Wright, Year 6W Teacher
Dawn, Teaching Assistant
Becky, Teaching Assistant


Ms O'Grady, SENCO

Office Team and Chair of Governors

Mrs Buckley, Finance Manager
Mrs Glew, Office Manager
Naomi Boulter, Chair of Governors

To contact the Chair of Governors, please use this email address:


PPA Cover

Nigel Woolley KS2

Midday Team

Mr Bodily
Mrs Milne
Miss Martyniuk
Mrs Vernon
Mrs Boultby
Mrs Ruth
Mrs Brown
Miss Knights

Kitchen Staff

Alison Gilliburn, School Chef
Tracy Lambert, Cook 1
Lisa Burrows, Cook 1
Natasha Mazzitelli, Cook 2
Claire Elliott-Mellors, Cook 1


Gavin Taylor
Please see the WELCOME BACK LETTER on the Newsletter Page for start and finish times as well as gates for all year groups