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Stanhope Primary School


WB 04/01/21

Weekly Timetable

Learning Journey - 'Where is the Physics?'

Week 1 - Why do we need light to see?


Monday - Write down everything you know about light and dark. Then write down what you would you like to learn about light as part of our learning journey.


Write down what you think light is and then write down what you think dark is. You could do this in a table or mind map.


Tuesday - Sources of light. Use the sheet to sort out the objects into 2 groups (those that are sources of light and those that are not sources of light)


Thursday - Why is it hard to see if we don't have the lights on? Ask a grown up to hide 5 objects inside a box or bag without you seeing them. Then you need to turn the lights off and close the curtains/blinds/doors so it is dark in the room. Feel inside the box or bag. Can you work out what the objects are? Write then down and then turn the lights on. Look at the objects you had in the box/bag. Why do you think it is easier to see when there is light? Can you see when it is dark?

Music - Tuesday

French - Thursday


Ask your teacher for the login to the language angels website and then work through the lesson. Colour in the pencil crayons in the correct colours.

We are looking forward to showing families round our school, ready for the September 2024 Reception intake. You can book a visit by contacting the school office on 0115 9553440.