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Stanhope Primary School


WB 28/9/20

Weekly Overview

Using the planning template and my letter as an example, think about how you are going to persuade Ms Richards to have a farm at school. Remember to think about - where the farm will go, what animals you could have and how it could improve learning. Think about different techniques you could use to persuade her - ask her questions and use the pronoun 'you'. 

Lesson 1 - Mindmap what you have learnt about muscles from the 2 video clips and any other research you have done


Lesson 2 - Fill in the table by writing an activity you do and the muscles you have used

Please read the 'Welcome Back Letter - March 2021' on ParentMail. Please pay special attention to the drop off and pick up times and gates on the last page. We are really looking forward to having everyone back in school.